A Cool Find With A Rueful Finish

I found this pencil study in an old sketchbook the other day… from over thirty years ago!  It’s funny; kinda like finding a hundred-dollar bill in an old pair of shoes.  Anyway, I scanned it in and splashed some digital color on it and voilà; a handsome,  spot illustration… ready to grace the pages of “Bounty Hunter Rare Wines and Provisions.”

Beaming with pride, I emailed it to Julie, at BH.  When I called her later she said, “Ummmm, It looks good… and I feel pretty sure we can use it but…” She paused and sounded embarrassed, “Well, I think you spelled Zinfandel wrong… You know, on the bottle?”  I didn’t even have to look; I knew I’d spelled it “Zinfindel.” I apologized, feeling mortified and utterly deflated. I corrected it, in a self-effacing, rage and sent it back with more humble apologies.  Before long, my pride and dignity resurfaced. I realized  that I should stop beating myself up about it. I originally did this doodle back at a time when nobody around ‘dis neck O’da woods even knew what Merlow was. Let alone how to spell it.


About johnhodapp

Artist and illustrator; A visual problem solver whose diverse portfolio speaks louder of capability than any one distinctive style.
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