I began drawing and painting at an early age. A personal challenge and laborious hard won effort eventually evolved into a passion. After High School I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco on a scholarship, majored in Illustration and studied under such luminaries as: Howard Brodie, Barbara Bradley, Al Parker and Bill Sanchez.

I began freelancing for ad agencies and design firms in the North Bay. Not content with specialization, I regard myself as a “visual problem solver.” Utilizing a dynamic range of styles and techniques and apply them through both digital and traditional means.

My illustration has been widely used for wine labels, although it applies naturally to food and beverage, children’s books and editorial not to mention other areas of advertising and design such as product and packaging.

My fine art… well, it speaks for it’s self. I love painting and I think it shows.


2 Responses to About

  1. dave says:

    Hey John, I am interested in seeing how much the vector like tractor image would be worth to you. I have a small Vineyard Management Co, looking for a logo, and the tractor would be a very nice addition to it.

    • johnhodapp says:

      Dave, Thanks so much for your inquiry. I responded to you directly via email regarding this. I guess I’ll have to get back to writing on this thing again. God knows a lot’s happened since I last posted anything here. When I get a couple of hours free, I’ll do just that. Thanks again.

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