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Artist and illustrator; A visual problem solver whose diverse portfolio speaks louder of capability than any one distinctive style.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

This fellow hits the nail on the head and relays exactly my own feelings regarding the public school system since leaving it. Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity #TED : Advertisements

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Crush Colors

11″ X 14″ Oil on canvas Just finished this painting the other day and now must put away brushes for a while;… I’m moving to Washington.

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A Cool Find With A Rueful Finish

I found this pencil study in an old sketchbook the other day… from over thirty years ago!  It’s funny; kinda like finding a hundred-dollar bill in an old pair of shoes.  Anyway, I scanned it in and splashed some digital … Continue reading

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Silver Salmon Lodge Wine Label

Just completed this wine label illustration with Masciarelli Design of Napa, for Crystal Creek Lodge in Alaska. It’s for their in-house wine.

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A Wine Label’s Tale; An Adventure in Illustration

I’ve always found it interesting how a finished product develops from a sketch through the lengthy and often tedious collaboration between graphic designer, client and illustrator. On the heels of that, inevitably comes the conclusion of; “Why the hell would … Continue reading

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